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GM Commands

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GM Commands

Post  Karma on Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:39 am

/tele [map] [x] [y] - Teleport
/b - Broadcast
/save - Salveaza datele char-ului
/reload - Reload config.ini
/ann [msg] - Announcement
/SSPAWN [monid] [min] [max] - Startspawn
/SET - Seteaza locatia spawnului
/ESPAWN [monid] [aggressive] - Opreste Spawn
/DSPAWN [id] [monid] [min] [max] [respawn time] [aggressive]- Dupeaza spawn
/DELETESPAWN [id] - Delete spawn by id
/pak - Citeste packet.txt si trimitel
/pak2 - Citeste packet2.txt si trimitel
/level [lvl] - Modifica lvl
/class [id] - Modifica classa ta (Relogig dupa)
/info - Arata informatii
/exp [amt] - Iti da (tie) exp
/mon [monid] [count] - Spawn monstrii
/kick [charname] - Kick player from game
/job [jobname] - Finish first job quest
/set [id] [refine] - Set full armor to [id] with [refine]
/cha [slotname] [id] [stats] - Cha slot to [id] with [stats]
/item [id] [type] [amt] [ref] [socket] [stats] - Get item
/levelup - Lvl-ul urmator
/drop [type] [id] - Drop item
/givezuly [charname] [amt] - Give someone zuly
/npc [id] - Spawn un npc
/givefairy [charname] [flag] - Give/remove fairy (1/0)
/move [charname] [map] [x] [y] - Teleport someone
/goto [charname] - Te duce la cineva
/teletome [charname] - Aduce pe cineva langa tine
/playerinfo [charname] - Informatii despre char
/give2 [charname] [id] [type] [amt] - give someone item(s)
/ban [charname] - ban a player
/buff [id] - buff yourself
/ani [id] - do animation
/summon [monid] - Summon monstor (te ajuta)
/reloadquest - Reload quest info
/shutdown [minutes] - Opreste server-ul in x minute
/dquest - Debug quests
/iquest [id] - Iteme pt quest

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