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[Excelente]NaMEch Project v4.1 Season II [25/03/11

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[Excelente]NaMEch Project v4.1 Season II [25/03/11

Post  Karma on Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:52 am

============================[DATOS DEL SERVIDOR]========================
CashShop 100%
Elfa Soldier 100%
GuildWar 100%
Duelo 100%
Battle Soccer 100%
Borrar Player sin ID 100%
Borrar guilds 100%
Alianzas de Guild 100%
Hostil entre Guilds 100%
Friends 100%
Señor del Castillo 100%
Personal Store 100%
Pet Trainer 100%
Baules múltiples 100%
Items Ancients: 100%
Comandos GM: 100%
/post 100%
PK Bug Fix 100%
Combo 100%
Comando para agregar puntos  100%
Comando /web
AutoReset in-game 100%
Sistema Free,Vip 100%
Configuracion en .ini organizados 100%

============================[EVENTOS DEL SERVIDOR]========================
Crywolf 100%
Castle Siege 100%
Blood Castle 1 a 7 100%
Devil Square 1 a 6 100%
Chaos Castle 1 a 6 100%
Kantru Event 100%

/online (muestra los players y gms online)
/salir (o /quit, sale del juego)
========[COMANDOS PARA LOS GMS DEL SERVIDOR]==============
/drop (dropea items exc)
/item (dropea items ancients)
/reload 0 (recarga los archivos .ini)
/mob (crea mobs, sintaxis: /mob <n°del mob> <mapa> <coordX> <coordY> <cantidad>)


// Season 2 + CashShop [NaMEch Project v1]
. Inner Strenght DK [GS]
. Golden Invasion Message [GS]
. /Post Command [GS]
. Re-Struct Server Files (Bags,Shops,Events,Monsters) [GS]

// Season 2 + CashShop [NaMEch Project v2]
. Fix Leave Guild ID [GS]
. Added GS_CS [Files]
. Customs Messages for Commands in Mensajes.ini [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Post Command [GSCS]
. Added Add Command (/str,/agi,/vit,/cmd,/ene) [GSCS]
. Customs Commands in Comandos.ini [GS/GSCS]
. Re-Struct Server Files [GSCS]
. New CashShop Server [Files]
. Full English ItemBags [Files]
. Added Moves to Crywolf/Stadium [Files/Client]
. Added Support to ENG Protocol (1.02C) [GS/GSCS]
. Added Main.exe with ENG Protocol [Client]

// Season 2 + CashShop [NaMEch Project v3]
. Option for Greater Fortitude (Vit,Ene,Time) [GS/GSCS]
. Option for set Ring Event Reward [GS]
. Option for set Chaos Castle Reward [GS]
. DOS Console for management server [GS/GSCS]
. Added Lahap Anti Dupe [GS]
. Fixed Move to Aida [Files]
. Support to AncientExc [GS/GSCS]
. /Reload 1 for ItemDropRate.txt [GS]
. Commands: /banacc,/unbanacc,/banchar,/unbanchar [GS Console]
. Fixed "Unable Use" Jewels Of Shop [GS]
. Added eDataServer (less memory usage) [Files]
. Fixed Twisting Slash without weapon [GS]

// Season 2 + CashShop [NaMEch Project v3a]
. Fixed Vip System                        [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Launching Error                        [GSCS]
. Added Vip Commands (/vipinfo, /buyvip)               [GSCS]
. Added GM Commands (banacc,banchar,unbanacc,unbanchar)            [GS]
. Fixed Trade Jewels from Shops   (set ItemSerialCheck = 0)         [GS]
. Option for GM can move with "M" Letter (General.ini)            [GS/GSCS]

// Season 2 + CashShop [NaMEch Project v3b]
. Fixed Exit Guild Id                        [GS/GSCS]
. Re-Fixed PK Bug                        [GS/GSCS]
. Support to Excellent items in shops                  [GS/GSCS]
. GM Connect Notice                        [GS]
. New Shops with Excellent Column (8th)                  [Files]
. New Option Zen Drop for VIP Users (Test)               [GS/GSCS]

// Season 2 + CashShop [NaMEch Project v4 PRE-FINAL]
. Golden Archer   Event (Rena Exchanger)                  [GS]
. Added Reload 3 (for ConnectMember.txt)               [GS Console]
. Re-Fixed Golden Invasion Message                  [GS]
. Fixed Reload 0 (Error: New version required)               [Command]
. Fixed Chaos Card Master 100%                     [GS]
. Added QuestSystem  :)                       [GS]
. PkMoney for PkClear Command                       [GS/GSCS]
. Added Happy Hour Event (Eventos.ini)                       [GS]
. /happyhour Command, for Start the Event                    [GS Console]
. Added GM System                             [GS]
. Added /gg Command for GameMasters                    [GS]

// Season 2 + CashShop [NaMEch Project v4 FINAL]
. Added ExDB with Anti-Inject                       [Files]
. StartUp with All Links                       [Files]
. Fixed Jewels Success Rates                       [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Chaos Machine Rates                       [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed +13 Combination Crash                       [GS/GSCS]
. New DropSystem n/10000                       [GS]
. Fixed OverFlow Crashes                        [GS]
. New JoinServer + AutoDisconnect                    [GS]
. Added ODBC for 64 Bits                      [Files]
. Fixed Stadium Map                        [Files]                        [Files]
. Notices System                          [GS]
. Fixed /clearinv Command                       [GS]
. Added Customs Messages for Add Commands               [GS/GSCS]
. Change Language Eng==>Kor (Like GS)                  [GSCS]
. Fixed Events Message Two Times                  [GSCS]
// Season 2 + CashShop [NaMEch Project v4.1]
. Removed Muti-Vaults                          [GS]
. Fixed Item Mix Rates                         [GS]
. Added ItemsDurationTime Option                   [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed GMSystem                         [GS]
. Fixed VIP Rates                             [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed M Key                                [GSCS]

// Season 2 + CashShop [NaMEch Project v4.1a]
. Added Option for Disable GMNotice                  [GS]
. Fixed Cape of Lord Mix Crash                     [GS]
. Added Jewels (Bless,Soul,Life) to CashShop               [Files]


Nu Avem Nici Un Bug Si Error

Download NaMEch Project v4.1 FULL SERVER (Fara Patch v4.1a) :
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Patch v4.1a: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

UPDATE V4.1a :
. Added Option for Disable GMNotice                  [GS]
. Fixed Cape of Lord Mix Crash                     [GS]
. Added Jewels (Bless,Soul,Life) to CashShop               [Files]

Parola De La Arhive Este : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Download Client:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

NaM4 - Programe Server
NaM4 - Programe Cliente
NaM4 - Make All Server
SHEIK - Project Head
_Wolf_ - InfeccteD Games
Echy- Restructuring Fixes, Customs [Updates]
Sources Community Free MuOnline

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