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[Guide]How to create a wyd server!

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[Guide]How to create a wyd server!

Post  Karma on Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:22 am

Tuto: How to create a wyd server

CREDITS: Virustheking, Negata, lordrai, xpang and me.

You Need:

Server Files:
RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting

Wyd 6.13:

Client Download: Link 1

Link 2
The English pach: Click here
AnctPatch:Click here
Armas_E (translation of Itens): Click here
Wyd Game

Install the wyd game, after, copies the Files of The english patch, AnctPatch and the Armas_E (in the order) to the wyd client (wyd 2.0).
After of install the App Locale and Lest Asian Language, you need to create a shortcut of the wyd game executable with the app locale (choice the fourth language of low for top) and creat a shortcut.

Config the Server

Config the Ips:
Edit this .txt with your ip:

1) In Wyd server: serverlist.txt
0 0 your ip
0 1 your ip
1 0 your ip 3000
1 1 your ip 3000
1 2 your ip

2) In TMSRV: biserver.txt (your ip 3000)
localip.txt (your ip)
serverlist.txt (how you edited in the 1) above)

3) In DBSRV: localip.txt (your ip)
redirectme.sample.txt (your ip aaaa5 1111)
serverlist.txt (how you edited in the 1) above)
0 your ip
1 your ip
2 your ip
3 your ip
4 your ip
5 your ip
6 your ip
7 your ip
8 your ip
9 your ip

4) In the BISRV: serverlist.txt (how you edited in the 1) above)

Openning the server and conecting

Open the BISRV.exe, DBSRV.exe and the TMSRV.exe. After, copies the serverlist.bin in the DBSRV/run and glue in the wyd client (wyd 2.0) substituing what already it has there.
After, open the wyd shortcut that you created with the applocale and good amusement^^!


ADM: login/password

How to create accounts: you need the account creation ( name wydregbyvirus.rar
Open the wydregbyvirus edit your login/password and click in create, a new file is create with the login name (put the new file in the DBSRV/run/accounts in the respective location).
Now you do login with your new account!

Possible error (modem router)

In the DBSRV.exe (an error with a ip in the window)
Solution: edit your server with the ip show in the error mensage

Good amusement!!! and Sorry my english ^^

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