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GM COmmands

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GM COmmands

Post  Karma on Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:18 am

Wra tenks to Frog for MSN help :-D
/gm +set reboot (1 minutes after server down)
/gm +set PARTYBONUS (ex: /gm +set PARTYBONUS 1000)
/gm +creat Mobname (ex: /gm +creat Dragon)
*It drives in the boss folder and su it sprouts and must be*
/gm +guildday (The guild the day when it makes war)
/gm +guildhour (The guild the hour when it makes war)
/gm +newbiehour
/gm +weekmod
/gm +reloadnpc
/gm +reloadguild
/gm +saveall
/gm +set decay
/gm +set billmode
/gm +set billfree
/gm +set potioncount
/gm +set guildboard
/gm +generate
/gm +log (Log Start)
/gm +readguildname
/gm +trtarget
/gm +battleroyal
/gm +set evstart
/gm +set evend
/gm +set evitem
/gm +set evrate
/gm +set evindex
/gm +set evdelete
/gm +set evon
/gm +set evnotice
/gm +set double
/gm +set deadpoint
/gm +set dungeonevent
/gm +set champ
/gm +set chall
/gm +set drop
/gm +weather 0,1,2
/gm +notice
/gm +chiefnotice
/gm +chiefsummon
/gm +snoop (Transparent mode)
/gm +event
/gm +teleport X Coordinate Y Coordinate (Ex: /gm +teleport 148 3479)
/gm +kick Username
/gm +set sanc (Ex: /gm +set sanc 15)
/gm +set buildhtml (In server html creation )
/gm +set clearquest
/gm +set clearskill
/gm +set level
/gm +set
/gm +set hp
/gm +set mp
/gm +set ac
/gm +set dam
/gm +set str
/gm +set int
/gm +set dex
/gm +set con
/gm +set coin
/gm +set merchant
/gm +set skillbonus
/gm +set special 0
/gm +set special 0
/gm +set special 1
/gm +set special 2
/gm +set special 3
/gm +set scorebouns
/gm +set attackrun
/gm +set criticial
/gm +set save
/gm +set name
/gm +timer

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