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[Release] MuServer99b+ 100% Fixed

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[Release] MuServer99b+ 100% Fixed

Post  Karma on Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:26 pm

Server Files:
1. Bug fixed on the trade, you can now trade anywhere at lvl 6.
2. The jewels when inserted into a bundle, either Soul, Bless or Life work correctly.
3. The items do not fall Excellent. If you want to change this search GameServer / MyGsFun line


Change the 50 to 70 (for items Legendary, Red Dragon, etc.). If you want the last drop set to 100 change 40 to 70.

4. All "types" of move works, either / move / Move and the "M".
5. Added the following Maps: Daredevil, Kalima, Kalima2 and Tarkan2.
6. Mace King Of is added and replaces the Elemental Mace. But the attack of Mace of King is same as the original.
7. Battle Soccer Works (not sure need someone to test it too)
8. Server Files are configured so there is going to be lowest lag posible.
9. Events: Devil Square 1 to 4 (running). Blood Castle 1 to 6 (running). Chaos Castle (Running) Awards of all events is Box of Kundun +5.
10. Chaos Machine: +10 +11 +12 +13 (100%) You can configure that from GameServer folder.
11. Start 300 points when creating a character.

The Gates, please do not edit unless you know what it does.

Daredevil: Must be level 300 to enter.
Kalima: Must be level 250 to enter.
Stadium: Must be level 100 to enter.

The spots are well configured by default and everyone on your map. If you want to configure it can be done to your liking.

Lorencia, Noria, Davies Stadium, Kalima 2 and 1, Tarkan1 and 2, Icarus, Atlans, Daredevil, Lossttower 1 and 4.

Archives of Server Files:
1 .- DupeItemFinder
2 .- MuLinksFacĂ­l
3 .- MuEditor 2.1
4 .- ODBC
5 .- db backs
6 .- Guides

MuServer : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Client : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Credits: ServeruX

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