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MuServer Season 4 Ep 2 Full Pendulum v2

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MuServer Season 4 Ep 2 Full Pendulum v2

Post  Karma on Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:31 am

1. Change the ip of the following files: Connect \ ServerList [Bor]. DAT Data \ MapServerInfo.dat.
2. Change your ip by: What is my ip.
3. stop everything in its place.
4. Creating the database: MuOnline, Event, and SCFMuTeam Ranking.
5. Changed by the user and pass the sql files to the following: Event \ Data \ SvConfig.ini-ExDB \ ExDB.ini - Ranking \ SvConfig.ini - GameServer \ SCF_Connect.ini - Programs \ Scfdb3 \ SCFdb.ini - Programs \ Dupe Finder \ SCFDupefinder.ini - Programs \ scf Editor \ ScfEditor.ini - Programs \ Vip Manager \ SCFVipManager.ini.
6. Run ODBC.reg.
7. Run the Fix Scfdb3.exe.
8. Configure S Uploader (Advice: Put all the programs with the least S Uploader Gs) for how to set read this topic: S Uploader
9. Ready files.
10. Download the original client 1.04Q Korea.
11. Download the original patch + 1.05T Korea.
12. 1.04Q Client install, then the patch and finally 1.05T + 1.05T + the Pendulum.
13. Change the ip to the main Main Cracker.
14. Customer Ready.


The Merchant Moss
Pc Points
Marry System
Hatchery Raklion Event
Sky Event
Illusion Temple
Master Level
Skill Master
Happy Hour
White Wizard and Orcs
Red Dragon
Boss Attack
Event Blue
Spawn monsters

Commands in the game (Game Master Administrator):

-/item "index" "item" level "option" luck "skill" "durability" option exc "
-/gmove "user" map "x" and "
-/skin "monster of the number or user name"
-/addbuff "user" "xXx"
-/pkset "level pk" username "
-/ring "number of the mob"
-/gg "text"
-/gmoveall map "x" and "
-/whois "user"
-/clearinv "user"
-/clearinvall "user"
-/status "user"
-/addskill "user", "name of the skill"
-/spawn "number of the monster" map "x" and "number of mobs"
-/setmoney "amount of Zen"
-/vipstatus "user"
-/fireworks map "x" and "quantity"
-/disconnect "user"
-/banchar "user"
-/unbanchar "user"
-/banacc "counts"
-/unbanacc "counts"
-/pkclear "user"

Commands in the Game (Users):

-/move map
-/addstr "quantity" Up Force
-/addagi "quantity" Upload Speed
-/addene "quantity" Power Up
-/addvit "quantity" Get Life
-/addcom "quantity" Up Command (Dark Lord)
-/serverinfo (Version of the Game Server and information)
-/marry "name with whom you're married"
-/acceptmarry "with which you agree to marry you"
-/divorce "user name with which you divorce"
-/forcedivorce "divorce you directly
-/tracemarry: moves you where your partner
-/reset: it resets the character
-/level: shows the level of your character
-/sa: Nose, you get a quest window form but got no options
-/scfcopyright dates when log gs
-/item "character" "index" "item" level "option" luck "skill" "durability" option exc "

Commands to buy V.I.P. :


Commands in the Console Game Server:

- / g: message in the Admin game / g "Hello"
-/bluestar: Blue Event Starts
-/spychat: This command when you put him in the console to see what they are talking about spying on users / spychat 1. not to see what they say most users / spychat 0
-/ver: shows the version on the console
-/reload 0 (Refesca the SCF_EventManagement.dat)
-/bossstart: Starts Atack Boss Event
-/happystart: Begin the Happy Hour Event
-/hitstart: Hit the Start Event and Up
-/hallowstart: Halloween Event Begins
-/skystar: Sky Event Starts supposedly starts, but no.
-/quit: closed Game Server
-/exit: closed Game Server
-/clrscr: Clears the console
-/quit: closed Server-/exit Game: Game closes Server-/clrscr: Clears the console
-/mossstart: Event Starts Merchant Moss.
-/raklionstart: Event Starts Raklion Event.


Shop13: Leo The Helper
Shop14: Pamela
Shop15: Angela
Shop16: Girl Fireworks
Shop17: Elegance Allen
Shop18: Sivia
Shop19: Leah
Shop20: Marseille
Shop21: Daesyeo
Shop22: Commit
Shop23: Dancers
Shop24: Cupid
Shop25: Peuraenseo
Shop26: Donner
Shop27: Bikseon
Shop28: Beulrijeun
Shop29: The Merchant Moss

Moss The Merchant:

The event takes place every all you want. and shows how many minutes he was put in elbeland.
Items that are sold in The Merchant Moss are set in the shop 29.
You will notice that you add a line to all that is OptExc Shops, excellent choice.
ranging from 0 to 63 (It's like the command / item)
Setting aside: ScfData \ EventsConfig \ SCF_MossMerchant.ini:
SCFMossMerchantEnabled: 0 Enabled 1 Disabled. (Eg if 1 is here and only apear in event 0, and 0 enabled event is open all the time)
SCFMossMerchantAppearOnlyInEvent: Only 1 in an event is enabled (the Merchant Moss) 0 Disabled

SCFMossMerchantEnabled: 0 Enabled 1 Disabled. (Single event)
SCFMossMerchantMinLeve: minimum level to be able to use it. (Single event)
SCFMossMerchantMinutes: Minutes of the open Moss. (Single event)

Event Setup:
SCFMossMerchantOnlyForMarried: Event just married.
SCFMossMerchantZen: Cost of each opening of the Moss
SCFMossMerchantReqItemEnabled: 1 If an item is required in order to use it.
SCFMossMerchantReqItemIndex: Index of contents
SCFMossMerchantReqItemID: Item
SCFMossMerchantReqItemCount: Number of items that are needed
SCFMossMerchantReqItemLevel: item level
SCFMossMerchantReqItemOption: Option item
SCFMossMerchantReqItemLuck: With or without Luck
SCFMossMerchantReqItemSkill: With or without Skill

Set of items that are sold:
SCFMossMerchantRanMaxItemLevel: maximum level of items to be sold
SCFMossMerchantRanMaxItemExc Options exc maxima (up to 63 (full)) SCFMossMerchantRanMaxItemOpt: Options common maximum (up to 7 (+28)
SCFMossMerchantRanMaxItemSockSlot Options upper socket

Raklion Hatchery:
This event consists of 3 stages Resist

Settings: SCF_RaklionEvent.dat
Index 0: First stage
Index 1: Second Stage
Index 2: Selupan

Then we have something like this:
154 19 1
160 48 1
161 36 1
137 41 1
141 26 1
136 21 1
160 24 1
154 17 1
141 17 1
135 21 1
136 33 1
140 44 1
153 46 1
163 36 1
143 14 1
439 27 1
154: Cor X
19: Cor Y
1: Number

SCFRaklionEventEnabled: 0 Disabled 1 Enabled
SCFRaklionEventGateIN: no gate to enter
SCFRaklionEventGateOUT: No to exit gate
SCFRaklionEventMobsLoad: Load SCF_RaklionEvent.dat 1, 0 did not load
SCFRaklionEventMaxPlayers: Players in the maximum event

1.04Q Korean Client (client) ------ [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Korean + 1.05T patch (Patch 1) ----- [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] +
Main ------ Cracker [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] +
Mu Maker 1.12 [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] -----

Server Files --- [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
New Patch [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ----

Main 1.05T + + Fix Master Lvl
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

True Credits:
Team Mu leaves Fritas
Ema Leto

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