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Season 4 Fullz+episode2+subserver*

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Season 4 Fullz+episode2+subserver*

Post  Karma on Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:29 am

Muserver Season 4 Full + SubServer
NEW!!! Added New edit program to the topic Very Happy
Muserver Season 4 Changelog:


. [Skill Effects] Soul Potion effect added [GS/GSCS]
. [Skill Effects] Bless Potion effect added [GS/GSCS]
. [Castle Siege] Castle Gates show with proper states [GS/GSCS]
. [Castle Siege] Castle Crown unlocks and locks in real time [GS/GSCS]
. [Castle Siege] Castle Crown announcement sent when shield Enabled/Disabled [GS/GSCS]
. Masters Exp Fix After Die [GS/GSCS]
. New Gate Moves, added random number padding, so ppl show up random place [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Implemented winning announcement + Room + Score [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] At the end of Duel, duelers have 10 seconds to move [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] On login if player in Duel Map => moves to Volcanus [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Sometime not all Duel parties get warped to the new map [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Winning Duelere doesnt receive Gladiators Buf Fix [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Duelers can not move until the duel is over [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Request 'Only in Lorencia' fix [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Spectator move = delete from the room [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Fixed spectator move bug (stays invisible) [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Spectators are not shown with correct invisible state fix [GS/GSCS]
. 3rd Level Wings ignore damage and attack rate % fix [GS/GSCS]
. 3rd Level Wings 5% damage return probability fix [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Summoner Quest Item deletion (added level of quest item) [GS/GSCS]
. Increased Summoner Quest drop: Emperror, Ring of Glory and Churchil's Eye [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Season 3 Quest Drop rate error for Feather, Horn and Flame [GS/GSCS]
. [ExtraExp] Separate ExtraExp for Party's [GS/GSCS]
. [ExtraExp] Now works with party too [GS/GSCS]
. /add Command Limited by Stat Limit by Character [GS/GSCS]
. [Calc Character] Attack Damage Edition for all classes [GS/GSCS]
. [Calc Character] Defense Edition for all classes [GS/GSCS]
. [Calc Character] Successful Blocking for all classes [GS/GSCS]
. [Calc Character] Attack Speed for all classes [GS/GSCS]
. [Calc Character] Magic Speed for all classes [GS/GSCS]
. Auto Add Exp -1 Value FIXED [GS/GSCS]
. [ExtraExp] Exp FIXED [GS/GSCS]
. [ExtraExp] Added by Maps [GS/GSCS]
. [ExtraExp] Added by VIP (New System) [GS/GSCS]
. [ExtraExp] Added by Resets [GS/GSCS]
. [Command] /playerinfo "playername" ADDED [GS/GSCS]
. Need Resets Option for create guild ADDED [GS/GSCS]
. BC 8 LIMIT BUG by exit and enter FIXED [GS/GSCS]
. Marry Position FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Skill Tree Effects now work 100% [GS/GSCS]
. Skill Tree Icons for Skills no longer dissapear [GS/GSCS]
. New Messages added om SCF_Message.ini [GS/GSCS]
. Player Stat Add Limit by Class [GS/GSCS]
. 3rd Wings z28 Options (Wizzardy and HP recovery) added [GS/GSCS]
. 3rd Wings Excellent Options Added [GS/GSCS]
. Fix on Mana and HP recovery options in Soket System + Wings [GS/GSCS]
. Golden Fernir Options Added [GS/GSCS]
. ConnectMember AutoReloader [GS/GSCS]
. ConnectMember Reload Console Command (/cmemberload) [GS/GSCS]
. Soket Options Effects completed 100% [GS/GSCS]
. Added symbol states to global character calculation formula, works now [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Soket Option for min/max skill attack power and magic deffence [GS/GSCS]
. Fixes to Summoner Life refill Send [GS/GSCS]
. Changes Sleep Skill resistance calculation [GS/GSCS]
. Master Evil Spirit of MG FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Magic Circle ReCast FIX [GS/GSCS]
. New Duel System [GS/GSCS]
. Soket Options Additional Stats Fix [GS/GSCS]
. MISSING INFORMATION Error Message Fix during server transfer [GS/GSCS]
. Anti-Hack for 3rd Class Quest changed and minor fixes were done [GS/GSCS]
. Added support for more MAPS, up to 255 maps [GS/GSCS]
. SkyEvent Fixed ID storage error (KillCount, InEvent and Win Prize) [GS/GSCS]
. SkyEvent Mobs do not appear when event starts FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Anti-Hack System for Skill Learning, Dropping Fake Boxes and more [GS/GSCS]
. Fix on Learning skill 230 (Item 7707) Had wrong Item [GS/GSCS]
. Changes to the EXC option generation method of the eventitembags [GS/GSCS]
. [Custom Events] SkyEvent getting Stuck after running once Fix [GS/GSCS]
. Fix for EventItem bags (min, max level, zOption random) [GS/GSCS]
. Fix for Reset System info Re-Request [GS/GSCS]
. Guild SQL Injection Fix [GS/GSCS]
. Auto Add Exp FIXED [GS/GSCS]
. Suspicious merchant Moss Event [GS/GSCS]
. Excellent Shops [GS/GSCS]
. Raklion Event [GS/GSCS]
. Marry Square System [GS/GSCS]
. [Command] /getmarry [GS/GSCS]
. Player Class ofwerflow auto fix (on login & on logout) [GS/GSCS]
. Mastering Info Receive Check [GS/GSCS]
. Marry Info Receive Check [GS/GSCS]
. Resets Info Receive Check [GS/GSCS]
. PCPoints Info Receive Check [GS/GSCS]
. Auto Add Exp in Safe-Zone Option [GS/GSCS]
. Allow JOH Ancient Item Option [GS/GSCS]
. Allow Excellent Ancient Item Option [GS/GSCS]
. Reset Master Option Add for Remove previous resets [GS/GSCS]
. Reset SP System Doesnt read FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Item Move Limit FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Enter VIP Server without be VIP FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Skill Tree Level Up Points (Reading INI) FIX [GS/GSCS]
. SCFDB v3.4 FINAL VERSION - With Unicode Support
. Warehouse vs Move Anti-Hack implemented, prevent duping [GS/GSCS]
. Magic Circle Skill Fully Works [GS/GSCS]
. Season 3 Quest Item Req Count opt Added [GS/GSCS]
. Random game DC [Caused by: It's not his magic [ACCOUNT][CHAR] . ] [GSCS]
. Quest Anti-Hack fix against gaining points [GS/GSCS]
. Added new ini file for SkillTree System SCF_SkillTree.ini [GS/GSCS]
. Barraks and Refuge Quests killcount loading through SCF_Season3.ini [GS/GSCS]
. Dont add Event monsters if the events are Dissabled [GS]
. SCFdb Fixed [GS/GSCS]
. Extra Exp for VIP users in normal GS Fixed [GS/GSCS]
. Item Socket Recovery option fixed [GS/GSCS]
. BC Crash FIX [GS]
. Quest Anti-Hack implemented against paket editing and item check added [GS/GSCS]
. [Spawn] Monsters dont Reappear when died FIX [GS/GSCS]
. [Custom Events] Monsters dont appear FIX [GS/GSCS]
. [Custom Quest] Profession Change! - ADDED [GS/GSCS]
. Reset System for Masters different of Normal Characters [GS/GSCS]
. Master Skill tree server move visual bug fix [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Soket System 'RECOVERY' from old system included [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Quest Class overflow (for multireset servers, that reset quests) [GS/GSCS]
. Character looses exp at max level if he is not 3rd Class [GS/GSCS]
. After LevelUP summoner has wrong HP [GS/GSCS]
. Summoner DC if DL uses firescream not far away [GS/GSCS]
. Summoner HP inconsistancies during DIE, Login, Warp [GS/GSCS]
. Kalima Gates Fixed for DL and MG (could not move to kalima 2 to 7) [GS/GSCS]
. Explotion Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Magic Circle Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Reduce Dmg Shield Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Five Shot Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Sword Slash Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Lighting Storm Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Birds Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. After LevelUP summoner has wrong HP [GS/GSCS]
. Summoner DC if DL uses firescream not far away [GS/GSCS]
. Summoner HP inconsistancies during DIE, Login, Warp [GS/GSCS]
. Kalima Gates Fixed for DL and MG (could not move to kalima 2 to 7) [GS/GSCS]
. Item Move Limit FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Master SkillTree Skills dmg fix [GS/GSCS]
. Master SkillTree MaxLife Show Fine on Connect FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Master IceStorm much damage fixed [GS/GSCS]
. Mastering Level fix, no more going over the Max Level [GS/GSCS]
. Mastering Level fix, no more levelup points after max level [GS/GSCS]
. If CryWolf event has been lost, NPC doesnt dissapear [GSCS]
. Visual Effect for altar user missing [GSCS]
. Fixed CryWolf Altar visual States [GSCS]
. ChaosCardProbability FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Monster AI Element FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Rebuilt Mastering Level-Up system, no more levelup after max level [GS/GSCS]
. Socket System Mix of Spear Seed Level Fix [GS/GSCS]
. Anti-Hack System for Lehap improved -> added trade states [GS/GSCS]
. Anti-Hack System for Warp and Gate Moves added against item duping [GS/GSCS]
. When kill a pk you become a pk [GS/GSCS]
. Socket System Box-To-Box GS crash issue fixed [GS/GSCS]
. Added Switch to Enable/Disable EXC drop of Socket Items (default: off) [GS/GSCS]
. When u try to upgrade the socket item in chaos goblin machine, sockets vanish [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed item delition from Socket machine if moved from-to same position [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed EventItemBag names messup, added new EventItemBags [35-39] [GS/GSCS]
. New Transformation Ring of Snow Man [GS/GSCS]
. Summoner First wings with PET Visual BUG on Selection Screen FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Summoner First wings with PET Visual BUG on Game FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Map Move FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Reset Mail Send and Check FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Santa's NPC (468 to 475) Shops Added [GS/GSCS]
. Santa Invitation Warp to Santa Map [GS/GSCS]
. GS Packets recv from SCFdb fixes for SCFdb3 [GS/GSCS]
. [Command] /addbuff fixes [GS/GSCS]
. Marry bad field FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Doesnt load Marry settings FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Doesnt save the sometimes SkillTree [GS/GSCS]
. Does not Increase damage by +11 [item with any type of sockets] [GS/GSCS]
. VipMoney Recv FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Reset System send mail with req items in reset level [GS/GSCS]
. Reset System add luck, opt, skill, level on item req. [GS/GSCS]
. DL Cant equip rings, pendants, and accesories FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Item(kor).txt added Summoner Row [GS/GSCS]
. Item(kor).txt can add 3 value for masters example (1 dw 2 sm 3 gm) [GS/GSCS]
. Map Move Server in GS does not support maps with index over 50 [GS/GSCS]
· Cant dissable shield protecting the crown in castle siege event [GSCS]
. Visual effects do not show on monsters and characters when seen on screen [GS/GSCS]
. Night Skill Addition Fix (on Monster die, complete structure clean) [GS/GSCS]
. PCPoint Shop Dupe FIX [GS/GSCS]
. SCF_EventManagement.dat new system [GS/GSCS]
. Illusion Temple Skins [GS/GSCS]
. Married People cant TRACE inside Events FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Happy Hour Exp FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Checksum Main FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Quest DarkElf FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Improper CheckSum combination for delete socket option [GS/GSCS]
. On Item Bless, JOH, JOL and so on... Socket options visually dissapear [GS/GSCS]
. GM Logo Icon Fix on top of the players head [GS/GSCS]
. Lehap Trade-Dupe Method [GS/GSCS]
· Have to hold control down to attack players [GSCS]
· Not allowed to switch char while in CS [NOT A BUG!!!][WEBZEN PROTECTION] [GSCS]
. Transformation Ring buffs and effects during equip fix [GS/GSCS]
. Socket System Mix: Remove Option, item delition FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Socket System Engine change [crash fix, mem fix, options dissapear fix] [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Socket Item drop added + new options SCF_Season4.ini [GS/GSCS]
. 75% Less Memory usage implementation [New exe + dll tech] [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Chaos Box Mix Delete option from item [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Chaos Box Mix Insert option in item [GS/GSCS]
. Implemented SCF_SocketItems.txt to read Socket Items [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Chaos Box Mix Seed Spear (Success/Fail) [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Chaos Box Mix Seed Jewel (Success/Fail) [GS/GSCS]
. Item Dissapear from inventory fix (move item function) [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Socket Options work on Equip [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Chaos Box created [item move inv<->box] [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Item Move on same spot crash fix [GS/GSCS]
. New Player Global Structure (crash/delay fix for some cases) [GS/GSCS]
. Anti-ALT-F4 Bug System [Rollback Fix][On Chaos Mix] [GS/GSCS]
. Anti-ALT-F4 Bug System [Rollback Fix][On Server Move] [GS/GSCS]
. Can not Sell to NPC equipped items, anti-disapear of items [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Options Warehouse Load & Save [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Items with new options drop and pickup Fix [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Options Inventory Load & Save [GS/GSCS]

There is little information about the version ^ ^:


This release is 100% working and tested.
EdataServer removed (reason: viruses)
New files of Oski's with new settings that are not made.
Added SubServer
Please do not say This is the same version, it is not!
Thanks everyone and have fun

This is the 9th version of the file and here are the fixes:


Adds and fixes
-Fixed error CashShop main.exe
Added map and NPC work DuelSystem
-Fixed 100% server CashShop
-Fixed 100% map moves
-Fixed NPC Text.bmd Duel to show English
Added music to the client for 100% customer fact
-Eliminated Sky event to make New MonsterSetBase
Added completely generates classic for all maps:)
-Fixed all missions and NPC moves
-Fixed client to check the search for tell kills 3 monsters
Changed Gameserver_CS Gameserver and tomatoes (sorry for nick not remember) to crack past.
Crywolf.dat fixed with the new information.

GM and Admin Commands:



Players Commands:


-/post - Fixed
-/marry - Fixed

V.I.P Commands:




Server Information:

- Wingi 3 lvl 100%
- Quest 3 for class 3 - 100%
- Socket System - 100%
- Master Skill Tree - 100%
- Summoner skills - 100%
- All Maps - 100%
- PC Point System - 100%
- Guild War - 100%
- Guild Alliance - 100%
- Guild Alliance Chat - 100%
- Guild Hostility - 100%
- Battle Soccer - 100%
- Duel - 100%
- Party - 100%
- Personal Store - 100%
- Lahap - 100%
- Elf Soldier - 100%
- Delete Character - 100%
- Delete Guild - 100%
- Chat - 100%
- Mu Mail - 100%
- GM Command - 100%
- Players Command - 100%
- 2nd Class Quest - 100%
- Marlon Quest - 100%
- Pet Trainer - 100%
- Pet Creation - 100%
- Chaos Machine Combination - 100%
- Party Zen Bug - 100%
- Skill - 100%
- EventItemBag - 100%
- Bug CP - 100%
- Potion Bug - 100%
- Ancient Items - 100%
- Dark Horse - 100%
- Dark Raven - 100%
- All Box'y - 100%
- Swamp of calmness - 100%
- Duel Map - 100%
- Season 4 Shop - 100%
- Season 3 Shop - 100%
- Season 3 Skill - 100%
- Season 4 Skill - 100%
- Season 3 NPC - 100%
- Season 4 NPC - 100%
- Season 3 Items - 100%
- Season 4 Items - 98%
- Season 3 mobs - 100%
- Season 4 mobs - 100%
- Season 3 Maps - 100%
- Season 4 Maps - 100%
- New rings - 100%


- Blood Castle Event - 99%
- Devil Square Event - 100%
- Chaos Castle Event - 100%
- Boss Attack Event -100%
- Kantru Event - 100%
- Illusion Teample Event - 100%
- Happy Hour Event - 100%
- Golden Invasion - 100%
- White Wizzard - 100%
- Rabbit Event - 100%
- Sky Event - 100%
- Blue Event - 100%
- Hit and up Event - 100%
- Halloween Event - 100%
- Raklion Event - 100%
- Merchant Moss - 100%
- Duel Event - 100%
- Castle Siege - 100%
-Crywolf - 100%

Client Information:

Version: 22895 / 1.05.50
Serial: ImperialMuOnline
Download Thise Main.exe from Attached Files Down

Ip Change...

1.ConnectServer \ Datos de programa \ ServerList [BoR]. Dat
2.Data \ IpList.dat
3.Data \ Lang \ Kor \ CommonLoc.cfg
4.Data \ MapServerInfo.dat
5.Data \ MapServerInfo_CS.dat

SQL Info Change...

1.Event \ Datos de programa \ SvConfig.ini
2.ExDB \ ExDB.ini
3.Ranking \ SvConfig.ini
4.Programas \ SCFDB \ SCFdb.ini
5.GameServer \ SCF_Connect.ini
6.GameServer_CS \ SCF_Connect.ini
7.SubServer \ GameServer \ SCF_Connect.ini


Server Files Season 4 Full + SubServer : -
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

New Edit Tool for the server and client by diablo71 :

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Client :
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Main.exe (info on the main is above downloads) : -
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Creditos :
- WebZen
- SCF Team
- Tomatoes
- Plasma32
- Diablo

Nu este serverul meu....Eu doar lam testat fakut modificari la spoturi si shopuri si inka nijte vi lam adus si voua...
Bft cu el


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[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][wow][/wow]

Note/Pareri 1...10

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