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SCFMT 10.03.96 Cracked

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SCFMT 10.03.96 Cracked

Post  Karma on Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:51 am

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. [Server] Crash Fix
. [BotPet] Fixed BotPets reappearance if calling it from Castle Server
. [Castle Siege] Fixed Lifestone destruction/recreation engine (can create new stone when ol one is broken)
. [Config] Added SCFBlockHarmonyItemsTrade to SCF_Items.ini [ItemMoveLimit] block JOH Item trade
. [Config] Added SCFBlockFFFFFFFFSerialTrade to SCF_Items.ini [ItemMoveLimit] block special items trade
. [Anti-Hack] Added new anti-hack strings related with trade and duped items to anti-hack logs
. [BotPet] Added more dialogs when BotPet dies, added more info in stats bar, logs.

. [LordMix] Fixed issue when put items in ChaosBox
. [Socket] Added config file for Socket Items
. [Item] Albatros Bow does much dmg FIX
. [Skills] New skills cant be learned by third evolution FIXED ON SCFMain
. [Potions] SD Potion Bug (back to 0) FIX
. [Tracking System] Wathermark on each package.
. [Tracking System] Now each package has signature for unpacked exe.
. [Tracking System] AutoPatch for trackin system when debuggers arent found.

. [Security] Optimized execution time for GameServers, speed but more size on executables.
. [Security] More changes
. [CastleSiege] Crash Fix
. [PvP System] Added other PvP Systems
. [ChaosMachine] Added Mix for +14 and +15
. [Protocol] Added Support protocol for 1.07 main versions

Serverul nu functioneasa pe Windows XP OS

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