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Titans Tech 10.07.65 Season 6 By Antiferna

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Titans Tech 10.07.65 Season 6 By Antiferna

Post  Karma on Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:36 am

Attention! 10.07.1935 Originally Files that have been updated on the
to 07/10/1965 in a Full Pack (Repack v3, to download) you no
need to apply updates. You are completely fix, or at least best.


. [Event]
Illusion Temple Must Hold CTRL to attack the Other player
. [Event] Illusion Temple fixed value
timer click on NPC
. [Event] Illusion Temple timer value fixed
right-click on Invitation
. [Event] Illusion Temple fixed right-click
on Invitation
. [Event] add check if Illusion Temple with statue dog
register if inventory is full
. [Event] Illusion Temple timer is
going up Not down (Must be a 15 or 20 min countdown)
. [Event]
Illusion Temple statue positioning and direction error
. [Event]
Illusion Temple statue and Its NPCs CAN NOT be Killed
. [Item] Fixed
durability gloves Reduction of Rage Fighters
. [Event] Kalima
entrance level fix for Rage Fighter
. [Move] Fixed warp level for
Fighter Rage
. [Gate] Fixed entrance level for Fighter Rage
[SCFDS] Fixed error in conversion parameter when to calling
. [Server] Fixed lock function of
ItemAddOption.txt by Load380ItemOptionInfo
. [Monster] 's drop box
Hell Maine (Aida Boss)
. [Event] Allow Auto PvP Event on Halloween
[Event] Halloween Custom Event <<
Mobs (make Others kill them)
. [Skill] Dark Side Rage Fighters Wind
Attribute skill check
. [Skill] Dragon Slayer Rage Fighters Wind
Attribute skill check
. [Skill] Dragon Rage Fighters Attribute Earth
Lore skill check
. [Skill] Rage Fighters visual Fitness Fix for
character panel
. [Skill] Rage Fighters deffence Success Rate Fix eye
for character panel
. [Skill] Rage Fighters Ice Attribute Chain
Drive skill check
. [Monster] Mobs of Season 4 to Season 6 original
dont do the skills, or animation.
. [Event] Altar players CryWolf Not
Be Moved by dog ​​skills range
. [Warning] Must Be Here somthing to
put the Name [CJewelOfHarmonySystem: LoadScriptOfSmelt]
. [Warning]! :
Proper Missing Sacrefice ViewSkill State Skill
. [Items] Joh works
on weapon, SD and DD on armor doesn't
. [Event] Illusion Temple
Fenrir Added Gold Reward
. [Resistance] Implement R_WATER (6) skills
with resistance to: water element
. [Resistance] Implement R_WIND (5)
skills with resistance to: wind element
. [Resistance] Implement
R_EARTH (4) resistance to skills with: earth element
. [Resistance]
Implement R_FIRE (3) resistance to skills with: fire element
[Resistance] Implement R_LIGHTNING (2) resistance to skills with: light
. [Event] Illusion Temple event when to finish warp Added to
Team Base
. [Event] Illusion Temple issue Fixed Pedestal
. [Event]
Illusion Temple Statue Added Random Position for
. [Skill] Added
Sacrifice skill Implementation VS Ice Resistance
. [Resistance]
Recoded Implementation resistance for all resistance types
. [Items]
Fixed add mana and add life on gObjCalCharacter for Item Effect
[Skill] Mana skill fixed on gObjCalCharacter Swell
. [Skill] Add Life
skill fixed on gObjCalCharacter
. [BotPet] Not complete, pero dialog
added talk of botpets talking to Attract players
. [Server] Reduced
memory usage player structure (BOOL => bool or byte)
. [Skills]
Rewrite Behaviour for all poison attack type skills (ObjUseSkill.cpp)
[Event] CryWolf Altar players CAN NOT be Killed by Other Users addon
[GMSystem] GM nonexisting cannot drop items (empty constant preventive
. [Items] Added elite Mana, Health, SD potions usage (14.70)
(14.71) (14.133)
. [ChaosBox] Cleaned and reduced size of
chaosmachine structures, less memory Consumption (. H)
. [MonsterAI]
Cleaned and reduced size of MonsterAI structures, less memory
Consumption (. H)
. [Event] Cleaned and reduced size of all event
Structures and variables (. H)
. [EventItemBag] Added Better tracing
logs to see how the system Behaves
. [EventItemBag] Increaser random
drop rate value for Better configuration of drop boxes
[CastleSiege] Fixed warning in GetNpcData iterator function
. [Event]
Double Goer DURING monster spawn count fix
. [Event] Imperial Gate
Guardian kill for friday fix
. [Event] Imperial Guardian instant
spawn trap (to Increase mob inside count event)
. [Event] Imperial
Guardian trap fix (acting like traps from 100 to 110)
. [Event]
Imperial Guardian DURING fix monster spawn count (if cannot spawn 1 or 2
. [Event] Double Goer entrance gate fix for one of the
. [Event] Double Goer FIX doesn't drop excellent items
[RageFighter] Dark Raven doesn't hit him FIX
. [JoinServer] Doesn't
Allow Banned Account Join FIX
. [Gens] Some members of
the guild are taken several times FIXED
. [Skills] Elf Buffs do not
disappear when I add more than 1 minute FIXED
. [CastleSiege] Less
GSCS Optimized CPU, less RAM,
. [Reset] Added support RF Resets
[BotVipShop] Opens Vip Shop with BotVipShop (CRYSTAL EDITION)
[Warehouse] MultiWare FIXED System
. [Anti-Hack] LuckyCoins,
DoubleGoer, Imperial, Alchemist, Kanturu Gate antidupeo protection
[Server] Pet FIXED Bug Cheat
. [Bot] Can Kill NPC Bots FIXED
[Gens] No reward delivery FIXED
. [Gens] Added Rank Control Server
. [Items] Option added to Harmony items +14 + 15 Added
[AntiAFK] Fixed Lorencia power to warp when a given pj (/ trade, etc)
[Items] S3 Wings enemy attack power it returns with 5% probabilities
Hit You too FIXED
. [Software] Anti Hack aggregate
. [Software] Decreased CPU and RAM resources used.
[Software] Improvements to the server.
. [Items] can be repaired Mini
Wings and Wings RageFighter FIXED
. [Skills] Flame Strike Slash
Sword AKA can paste in area Non-PvP server FIXED
. [BotPet] Added /
botpet relife (to revive your botpet (only used when you botpet dies))
[Bot] Added several Fixed1
. [RageFighter] Upper Beast
and Large Blower Ring Added to the arms and removed the character to be
created and its evolution
. [RageFighter] Fixed input to DS
[BotTrader] Percentage of luck and skill
. [BotTrader] Added maximum
and minimum trade options
. [Events] Improved excellent handling on
the server drop
. [Reset] Added reward and VIPMoney PCPoint
[BotBuffer] Now works with / trade
. [VIP] VIP Account Server can
change (Added configuration)
. [Monsters] Fixed RegenTime
[RageFighter] Fitness increases stamina skill fix (VitalityToLife)
[VIP] has changed from Server VIP (VIP Icon FIX)
. [Quests] Fixed
Quests of Season 6
. [Quests] Added better control of inventory when
the quest is completed and receives the item
. [RageFighter] Cannot
hit FIX RF
. [Server] Less memory used in different processes
[CustomJewels] Reduced memory usage, redesigned the engine for the
implementation of jewel
. [BotTrader] Added BotTrader (As TradeMix
but search engines and other features) (MAX 10 BOTS)
[BotPet] ON
. [Player] Changing the position of experience and reset
penalty to log in
. [SwampEvento] Fix in Swamp Logeo server when you
. [SwampEvento] Swamp is now a GS-CS server
. [Skills]
FireBurst Change the style of Damage (now Force Related)
. [Skills]
Sword Slash Venom Added Dynamic.
. [Server] Added Guild Extra Trunks
. [BotBuffer] Added BotBuffer (BOTS as Phantom Soldier NPC)
[Anti-Hack] Improved
. [Server] Save and load if this Open or Closed
. [Evolution] evolution Fixed RF
. [Event] Fixed RF
BloodCastle, Kalima, ChaosCastle input levels

[/code]</td></tr></table>[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td class="quote_foot"]

[/td] [/tr] [/table][center]
features of this Repack:

  • Unique settings for My (ie configurations
    that do not copy anyone)

  • All events the Form 100% (Crywolf

  • Configured Event Awards

  • EventManagement.dat
    set to 100% with all events, every day

  • EventItemBags
    Configured (Only K +4, +5 K and other matters, the rest is good I

  • Full MonsterSetBase Spot (With Spots on All Maps,
    Mobs 11300/11500)

  • Fixes in the DB to pull up the files
    without errors. Fixed and Clean Full DB.

  • Stats support 65000
    in ALL the characters, and ALL the stats.

  • Gens Configured

  • Replaced JoinServer & ConnectServer
    (SCFJoinServer & SCFConnectServer malfunctioning)

  • Configured
    Shops 100% (Including Shop Lorencia Fighter Rage)

  • Moves
    Lorencia ---> LorenMaket & vice versa does not disconnect

  • Quests,
    Moves, Skills and Items 100% Compatible with Customer Recommended

  • (Optional)
    Item (New) with 400 + Items Added

  • (Optional) Fixed MuMaker
    all items added

  • Reset Command System MasterReset Disabled
    (Common Reset is used in Third Race)

  • BotPets configured with
    Grand Master, Blade Master, High Elf, Duel Master, Lord Emperor,
    Dimension Master and Fist Master)

  • Configured BotPets &
    Skills Sets 100%

  • Slightly characters Balanced

  • Drop
    CustomJewels removed the System, as generiarian problems have not

  • Fixed SCFBots

  • GS & SCFExDB Loader
    FIX no longer give error when opening.

Special Added on 10/07/1965 Update to:

  • Files reordered and Cleaned
  • .65 GSCS Fixeado Cracked (Repack v3, 03/31/2011)
  • Cracked SCFExDB v.65
  • Arrangements
    to Links

  • All in One repack,
    without updates!

  • .35 Files

Fix for
[CastleSiege] CCastleSiege::DataRequest() - REQUEST DATA


D:\MuServer\GameServerCS\Load_GameServerCS.exe 55970
55962 55919
Tested in:

Windows XP
Service Pack 2 32 Bits

Windows XP Service Pack 3 32 Bits
Server 2003 Service Pack 1 32 Bits

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2
32 Bits

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bits
SQL Server 2000 & 2005
Running 100%


Files v3 (Pass:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Client (items added):[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
MuMaker 1.13 (items added): [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Main Info:

Version Server:1.07.48
Version Main:22:8=


Tech Titans

Special Added Fix on GS/GSCS/SCFEXDB

for those who got problem on data loader
not found.
here is the fix GS/GSCS/SCFEXDB
All Are Unpacked, no
need to use loader.


[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Deci am testat serverul si merge am gasit doar un bug sunt niste iteme noi Darkside si cand le iai de jos nu le poti vinde nimik nu poti face
deci pentru a rezolva stergeti aceste iteme din item New in rest merge bine eu il folosesc bft

<embed src="" width="426" height="320" name="smilplayer" id="smilplayer" bgcolor="FFFFFF" menu="false" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" flashvars="id=img34/screen040414490000.jpg"/>



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