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aCis Interlude Server Pack 164rev.

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aCis Interlude Server Pack 164rev.

Post  Karma on Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:17 pm

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Changeset 153

Shadow sense && misc

- Add Shadow Sense support (without use of thread), which was in sleeping mode.
- remove recall_npc button in npc+shift click on NPC.
- Remove StackTrack warnings on //forge2 and //forge3.
- Added some sounds, such as : chatban, unban chat, gmlist/petition (if none GM online).
- Fix a PM's NPE. Ty L2J's user DareStrike for report.
- Add ClientSetTime serverpacket.

Changeset 154

Skill fixes && misc.

- builds.xml have been formated and cleaned. DP doesn't create a .zip anymore, nor try to update/clean it (faster compilation).
- .project is supposed to correctly "link" dp and core (you don't have to make manually the fix anymore). Ty Voqus.
- 2 items are now considered as quest items ("seductive whispers" and a "game of cards").

- Once sitted, you can only disable a toggle, not activate it anymore. Issues like using fakedeath during private shops weren't so cool... The initial feature (and bugs) has been introduced at revision 50.
- Slow reuse time is 7sec, not 2sec.
- Seal of Disease acts like a seal, not like a one man target && far-casting spell (Gracia behavior), ty Vonak.
- cancellation and such CANCEL skillType are now corrected. Formulas were linking to another skillType, CANCEL_DEBUFF, which isn't the good effect ;p. So from now, Mental Shield and such buffs should correctly add resistance to cancellation type skills. CANCEL skillType is now 100% effect success aswell. Ty Vonak and Sim for report.
- confusionVuln is now handled directly by derangementVuln. This property (confusionVuln) doesn't exist anymore.

You have to update skills XMLs.

Changeset 155-158

Well, basically both (this and 3 past) commits were lolcommits.

It will allow people to checkout directly in good directories. If you manage to get a personal project, and same issue than me (aka repo folders' names are different of your local project copy), avoid to do it like I did (Voqus, grrr ;p), aka don't do it from SVN repository. But do it using package explorer view > Refactor > Rename (ty Trance for the too-late solution -.-"). You can commit all of them in one commit, and that will change .project directly instead of doing manual crap.

If you got issues, I invite you to drop all your aCis stuff and to checkout again.

+4 useless commits. Beat that L2JFrozen/Loop/XG !

Since it's the most useless commit I have (and will) ever made, I would like to thank all helpers which helped me (in one or another way) since the beginning of the project. You have to know major updates are coming those days (on DP side, we prepare something big). Quests refactor will take a big time aswell (expected time for a complete quests folder is around 3 to 4 months).

aCis is on faCebook. Type "aCis" on the facebook search tool, you should find it easily. It's the best spot if you want to know hot news, like actual works, tests, and so on. At 25 members I can put a damn normal link instead of this dynamic crap. So join the community .

More you help, faster the project will move on, and faster you could use it for your own server project.

What can I say more... Anticonstitionnellement.

Changeset 159


Added the 6 following teleporters, fully working.
- ElrokiTeleporters (added the no fight check, as explained in the NPC's dialogue);
- NewbieTravelToken (fixed HTMs and added HTMs if player hasn't token);
- NoblesseTeleport (fixed HTMs);
- PaganTeleporters (retail way, gates are opening. Fixed all HTMs, and fixed 2 qItems' issues);
- RaceTrack (as L2J Freya did - lolscoria is fully bugged);
- TeleportWithCharm;

- The Pagans' statues are now L2Npc, not L2Teleporter anymore (as all actions of teleport are handled by quest). For so, their htms have migrated on default folder.
- HTMs of an non-existing gatekeeper have been deleted.
- 2 Pagans teleports have been removed, as they're now handled by the quest (and it's not teleport anymore).

Changeset 160

- Magical critic rate is now corrected, and fit with [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
- Old CONFUSION behavior was useless. CONFUSE_MOB_ONLY have taken this position.
- Both effects EffectConfuseMob and EffectConfusion are corrected. An random aggro number has been added, allowing mobs to change of target each tick. It can add more aggro on same target with some unluck... And this target can be you, ofc <_<.
- Valakas Necklace Wild Magic effect is corrected.
- The only use of old CONFUSION skillType was on a potion (Critical Escape). This potion skill has now a mirage type effect. That's surely 100% custom but old effect was custom aswell, lol. And the effect is working at least...

Changeset 161

Skills and Misc

- Correction of MANADAM effects, which now support MDOT. Effect is really supposed to burn some initial mana then to do a MDOT.
- Fixes the teleport skill from Blade of Splendor (VoS), which had 2 skillType (o_o).
- Fixes attack button on pet betray mod.
- Bypass shield's check on Hydro Blast's use (2007 L2Guru topics)

- fix macro items use deleting the itemUse fP. Even put at 1, it was making it bugging.

Changeset 162

Quests & misc

- addition of 3 quests : Q004, Q379 & Q401.
- add a missing SQL about global quests variables ;o.
- clean correctly a deleted character (addition of character's raid point & global quest variables to cleaning)
- fix Mass Gloom (should be on the summon).

Changeset 163

Quest stuff & misc

Q171 added
add the possibility to reload a single quest, overloading existing command (//reload quest number). If you type "//reload quest", all quests are still reloaded (but AIs and boats path aswell...).
add the possibility to add a script without server reboot. "//reload quest" wasn't made for that, as it could bug boats and such.
delete postIL stuff about instances.

Changeset 164

Quests ! Moar !

- Q014, Q162 && Q688. Ty to Ventic, TLH and DiNoR.

Download [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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