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(S-y) Advanced MuOnline WebShop [0.8]

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(S-y) Advanced MuOnline WebShop [0.8]

Post  m4s4cru on Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:59 pm

S-Y Mu Online Advanced Web Shop
Release version 0.8[/SIZE]


+ Accessable MsSQL Server
++ Accessable MU Season II, Season III database

+ PHP 5.x.x+ (Tested), will also work with php4.
++ Loaded mssql extension (php.ini)
++ output_buffer = 4096 (php.ini)

+ Browsers tested with Mozilla Firefox,MsIE7 (FF Prefered)
++ Get Firefox FREE at Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable


1 - copy the "webshop" folder to your http document root,
rename it to whatever you wish.

2 - open "/webshop/wshconf.php" with notepad or whatever
text editor you have and configure the values
wanted by you.

3 - open "http://PathToTheWebShop/install/" to install
everything required for the system. No need to
delete the install after installation is complete
since it automaticly restricts access to it from

4 - open "" and you will see a
login form, type in your mu username & password
and you will be forwarded to the WebShop.

5 - enjoy your very own mu WebShop. If you wish to help
support my projects you will find ways to contact
me in the "Contacts" section.


+ A secure environment
+ A clean, tidy, understandable and easy to edit config.
+ Compatibility with both 2db and 6db mu versions
+ Login and Logout system (md5 and non md5)
+ Warehouse viewer, detailed item information
+ Clear but nice interface
+ Reset shop
+ Stats shop
+ Change class shop
+ Item thumbnails (can be turned on/off)
+ Item list
+ Vip User subscriptions
+ Item creator
+ Item remover
+ Language system
+ Item Settings -> Free Space Locator -> Item Adding
+ Item administration (full)
+ BuyLog for the administrator + search function
+ User credit Administration (adder/remover/viewer)
+ Zen Casino
+ Zen Shop
+ Vip Server subscriptions, prune expired for admins
+ Vip User subscriptions + vip levels
+ Credit Casino
+ Administrator item trackdown - search by serial
+ Buy character's freedom (unban for credits)
+ List of the top credited accounts
+ Item Table [WebShop] export
+ Item resell function (Refund)

Changes in this version:

- Added season III hero classes to the change class module. Added a trigger in the configuration to disable/enable the usage of the s3 classes.
- Added an item search function to the item manager (ajax based).
- Fixed the refund prise tooltip at the item adder.
- Fixed a small glitch in the installation causing it not to work with a few webserver packages.
- Fixed the item category strings in the item manager to display the proper category for each item.
- Fixed some php errs/notices/warnings.
- Reorganized item categories (both database and php definitions). See /install/upgrade/008.sql if this is not your first installation!
- Reworked misc stuff on the account credit manager.
Version history:

0.2 - Download
0.3 - Download
0.4 - Download
0.5 - Download
0.6 - Download
0.7 - Download
0.8 - Download

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