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ENCGames GS/GS-CS Old Source Codes

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ENCGames GS/GS-CS Old Source Codes

Post  m4s4cru on Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:10 pm

Hello everyone,

During our development series (long, long time ago) some hackers managed to steal zemattana's project works and released it to public.

So I decided to re-release the Gameserver and Gameserver-CS source codes here, but there is some information you must know:
- This is old with many bugs and many missing codes
- This is when we used to hook a DLL file to gameserver for fixes
- This is source codes before they got completely re-formulated in the version
- I removed customer information (mac address, msn address, names) from security.cpp file

Ok... so here is many months of work, research and studying from zemattana, but remember, this is old and is now crap comparing to what zemattana has achieved today with the ENCGames Softwares. Also note that these are the sources only have the old GS and GS-CS dll files with fixes, this release does not include fixes/add-ons/customs/missing procedures/modifcations which have been applied to our latest server applications such as eventserver/connectserver/gameserver/dataserver etc.

Download [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] sources

Have fun - ENCGames

PS: daca careva este amabil si vrea sa il uploadeze pe inca 1 link 2 ca eu am netu praff momentan .. Ms anticipat

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