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/post Source Code

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/post Source Code

Post  m4s4cru on Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:04 pm

Source Code la /post comanda

void DataSendAll(unsigned char* Packet, int Length)
   for (int i=6400; i<7400; i++)
         DataSend(i, Packet, Length);

void SendPost(int wId, LPCSTR Command, LPCSTR Text)
   if (!IsPost) return;
   if (!gObjIsConnected(wId)) return;
   if (!strcmpi(Command, "/Post"))
      MessageOutput(wId, "[%s] Useage: /Post <Msg>.", szPrefix);
      MessageOutput(wId, "[%s] Price for post: %d, Minimun Level: %d", szPrefix, PostCost, PostLevel);
   if (gObj.Level < PostLevel)
      MessageOutput(wId, "[%s] You're level is too low to post!", szPrefix);
   if (gObj.Money < PostCost)
      MessageOutput(wId, "[%s] You don't have enough money to post!", szPrefix);
   BYTE *Packet;
   char Message[100];
   Packet = (BYTE*) malloc(200);
   memset(Packet, 0x00, 200);
   *Packet = 0xC1;
   *(Packet+2) = 0x00;
   memcpy((Packet+3), gObj.Nick, strlen(gObj.Nick));
   sprintf(Message, "@@[Global] %s", Text);
   memcpy((Packet+13), Message, strlen(Message));
   int Len = (strlen(Message) + 0x13);
   *(Packet+1) = Len;
   DataSendAll(Packet, Len);
   int Amount = (gObj.Money - PostCost);
   gObj_Write(wId, gObj_Money, Amount);
   MoneySend(wId, Amount);
   free (Packet);


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