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L2J-Frozen rev.946

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L2J-Frozen rev.946

Post  Karma on Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:07 am

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[CORE] Minor fix for 940:
Thanks gm4st3r for report.
[CORE] Adding test commands "oly_obs_mode" and "obs_mode" for Olympiad observer mode and observer mode.
Please test with this two commands in Giran or some place like that and report.
CORE: Performance, code style and minor fixes:
Avoiding synthetic access.
Fixed possible null pointer access.
Proper singleton pattern for ServerStatus class.
Fixed some typos in JavaDocs and comments.
- Added Java memory automatic clean task.
- Fixed exception on cancel skill.
- Cleanup on config files.
- Removed unused imports.
[CORE] Fixing warnings from new settings:
Avoiding sythetic access.
Avoiding possible null pointer access.
[CORE] Cleanup and improvements:
Implementing getActingPlayer() for more classes than just L2PlayableInstance.
Avoiding faulty code that may lead to NPE.
Cleanup from useless variable sets to null.
Cleanup of invalid comments.
Added SVN:ignore for build folder.
Removed some invalid "synthetic-access" suppress warnings.
Reworked FairyTrees AI.
Removed JUnit 3 from class path, if anyone is going to use it, set the latest version.
Removed empty folder.
[CORE] Reworking Admin Cursed Weapon.

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